arizona commercial collection agencyArizona Collection Agencies assists you with Collection Laws Interest Rate, Statues of Limitations, General Garnishment Exemptions, Bad Check Laws. The following is a summary of the Arizona Collection Laws. The information here may change over the time, for any questions please consult your legal adviser regarding this Arizona Collection Laws

  • Arizona Collection Laws Interest Rate
    Legal: 10%
    Judgment: 10% or contractual
  • Arizona Collection Laws Statute Of Limitations (Years)
    Open account: 3
    Written Contract: 6 in AZ. – 4 outside AZ.
    Domestic Judgment: 5-additional 5 upon request (indefinitely)
    Foreign Judgment: 4
  • Arizona Collection Laws Bad Check Laws (NSF) (Civil Penalty)
    Twice the amount of check, costs of suit, reasonable attorney fees.
  • Arizona Collection Laws General Garnishment Exemptions
    See federal law.